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We are a clan for the Call of Duty series and are committed to organization for you and your team, we have routine games on no strict schedule
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Call of Duty
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 Tommy boys app

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Tommy Boy

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Join date : 2011-09-24
Age : 22

Tommy boys app Empty
PostSubject: Tommy boys app   Tommy boys app EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 4:06 am

. Gamertag/PSN: SAS Tommy Boy

2. Date of Birth: 2/3/97

3. Have you previously been in UPG? nope

4. What is your prefered gaming system? xbox 360

5. What game type suits you best? (Ex. RPG, FPS, ect.) all

6. What is your main game played online? cod series, madden

7. On average, how often are you online? every day 5-6 hours a day

8. What is your previous clan/community history, including names of the communities and reason for leaving?SAS,FOD,MOD /SAS-everyone quit/ FOD- It split/MOD-was unorganized

9. What are you looking to get out of UPG? (Ex. Social, Competitive, Leadership) competitive social and some leadership

10. Any Squad that you request to be on? wherever you need me at

11. Any other information you feel is relevant: im a good call of duty player don't get very angry but am competitive easy to get along with and yea.

13. Are you willing to donate?maybe

14. What is your kill/death ratio?1.53

15. What is your win/loss ratio?.83
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Age : 25

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PostSubject: Re: Tommy boys app   Tommy boys app EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 7:17 am

Tommy Boy you have been accepted and will be playing with the Alpha squad. Please add your squad leader roelieman007 on XBL and ask them any questions you may have. Review the Rules and regulations.

Feel free to add all our UPG members from our full list of rosters HERE, this way you'll be able to play with members of the squad almost all 24 hours

We ask that you immediately change your clantag in Call of Duty: Black Ops to [UpG!] for PS3 or [UpG] for XBL *without brackets
Please add all members in your squad
Please continue to your squads discussion section HERE and introduce yourself
We hope you enjoy fighting in our clan! ENJOY!

1. Respect Your Moderators
2. Always use your Squad Leader before you talk to an Admin or Mod


Please Get Online At Least 3 Times A Week And Participate In Our Forums As Much As Possible

You can change your user colour to your squads colour through the user group tab.

Tommy boys app 20ft3io

Tommy boys app 24zahdx

Tommy boys app 15wz4gw

Tommy boys app Fk0jes

Tommy boys app 11ud94y
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Tommy boys app
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