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We are a clan for the Call of Duty series and are committed to organization for you and your team, we have routine games on no strict schedule
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 Unique's Application

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Unique's Application  Empty
PostSubject: Unique's Application    Unique's Application  EmptyWed Nov 16, 2011 5:32 am

1. Gamertag/PSN:ECG Unique and xI8o8Ix UNIQUE

2. Date of Birth:11/05/1992

3. Have you previously been in UPG? No

4. What is your prefered gaming system? Xbox 360

5. What game type suits you best? FPS

6. What is your main game played online? Call of Duty Black Ops

7. On average, how often are you online? 11 Hours a day 7 days a week

8. What is your previous clan/community history, including names of the communities and reason for leaving? xI8o8Ix UNIQUE ( Left because its a Hawiaan Clan and way off my time zone) xLoCx Unique (Small clan members hardly ever on) ECG Unique ( Clan migrated immediately to MW3 and i hate MW completely even though i have brought the game, i prefer Black ops.) Now looking to join a new community for call of Duty Blaack Ops

9. What are you looking to get out of UPG? (Ex. Social, Competitive, Leadership): A team, a gaming community which i can call family as well as players who are on a experienced level, and great communication skills.

10. Any Squad that you request to be on? I have no idea yet, Razz but if its possible i wish to prove my worth to be a leader or at least see how different squads play by spectating, ect.

11. Any other information you feel is relevant:
Full Complete Combat Record Details:
Time Played: 29d 9h 59m 11s
Best Win Streak : 28
Kills: 80650
Deaths: 62650
K.D: 1.29
Assists: 7808
Accurancy: 13.60 %
Headshots: 4682
Best kill streak : 25( i had a 37 before never showed up) and
My GT is ECG Unique. I am a very competitive gamer for call of duty black ops. I have been though lots of clans and been trying to find the perfect one for me. k.d.r of 1.30 but my secondary account i have a k.d.r of 2.30. Thing is for my primary account.. Black ops was my first person shooter, so i started off badly for my k.d.r., but as for my secondary i started up because i wanted to see what my "TRUE" kill death ratio would be, i wanted to see how good i was. I only really play hardcore and two modes and that is search and destroy and capture the flag. I use only kipiris with lightweight marathon and slight of hand ALL PRO PERKS. That class is just for rushing and i use the M16 and G11 both i use ghost pro, ninja pro, slight of hand pro, steady aim pro, flak jacket pro, and sometimes hacker pro. I use second chance pro sometimes to communicate with my team members to give enemy last known location i dont shoot my pistol. I play call of duty black ops everyday at least 9 hours each day and most of the time i play even longer.I also have graduated from Ivy League for Computer hardware and software design. Graduated High School at the age of 16.

13. Are you willing to donate?Yes, definitely for anyone who is willing to help me in return. i have donated 400 dollars in the past.

14. What is your kill/death ratio? What is your kill/death ratio? 1st acount is 1.29 almost 1.30, second account is 2.38 almost 2.39.

15. What is your win/loss ratio? 1.00 wins/loses: 2772/ 2782
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Posts : 5
Join date : 2011-11-16
Age : 28

Unique's Application  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Unique's Application    Unique's Application  EmptyWed Nov 16, 2011 6:14 am

I also want to note and add that i am a computer geek and also i want to participate in live streaming as i do have a live stream/recording device so that i can stream live from uStream and upload videos on youtube. as of right now i only have a few, but im sure that with this work i can increase popularity through the net and gaming, as well as increasing our rank on the top 100 call of duty black ops clans list Razz Razz Razz will be glad to help out here and become part of this beautiful clan i been reading the forums for the last few hours and i tell you this is starting to become a home for me lol. If i get recruited i also wish to have my other better half join with me hes just as good as me Razz
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Unique's Application
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